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We giveaway the biggest and best prizes found online anywhere – trusted by our community we’ve been giving away items since 2018 and have grown from strength to strength.

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The lottery in the UK has the worst odds of actually winning – but here at luxury giveaways we have a maximum amount of tickets and there is always guaranteed at least 1 winner – so your chances of winner are always 1/1000 or less.


The Big Giveaway

Currently our highest value giveaway is the CRF250r 2019 worth over £9000! You can be in with the chance to win for just £20.

Ongoing Giveaways

CRF250R 2019 Dirt Bike

£20 per ticket

LG 65uk6400 + Xbox One S Fortnite Bundle

£10 per ticket

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What you see is what you get and what you pay is what you pay. No hidden delivery fees for won items. No claim fees. Nothing – You pay once and if you win, you win – we ship the item.



We’ve been giving away items since 2018 and have a loyal fan base that keep coming back! We’re the best in the market for giveaways – a raffle you can trust.


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